Electronic Imaging & Workflow

Electronic Imaging is the process of converting paper information to a digital representation of the original document and offers the following benefits:   

• INSTANT ACCESS: Images on FileBound provide users with the ability have an image of a document instantly on any PC with Internet access. 

• NETWORK DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION: With electronic imaging there is no personal interface for records to be distributed, reducing staff socialization associated with delivering documents from one department to another.

• IDENTICAL COPIES TO ALL USERS: With imaging on the Internet, people inside and outside the organization can look at the same image or the same file at the same time.  This allows for easier communication and enhanced productivity. 

• FILE INTEGRITY: For your compliance and protection, the images are viewable but cannot be altered.  They are fixed in order and cannot be shifted out of order, misfiled in another folder, altered, stolen, lost or misplaced. 

• ELIMINATION OF STORAGE SPACE: Electronic imaging can alleviate the need to keep original paper files, freeing up the space taken by expensive file cabinets and storage boxes. 

• DISASTER RECOVERY: A second copy of your digital information is created and stored off-site.  No matter what happens to your facility or our web servers, a second copy is completely intact and ready for use immediately.