Equipment Recycling

We believe in doing the right thing for the health of our planet. Let us help you by recycling your old or obsolete office equipment such as computers, printers, circuit boards, hard drives and more.  Varytek offers a variety of programs designed to benefit both your business and the environment. 

Equipment ~ Materials





Battery Backups

CRTs 15", 17", 19"+

LCD Cracked

LCD Undamaged

Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive Serialized

Hard Disk Drive Witnessed Destruction

Keyboards/ Mice/ Speakers

Power Supplies

Printed Circuit Boards

Printer/ Fax /Copier

ABS Plastics:
Segregated by type and color, shredded for reuse.

Ferrous Materials (iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc,) Segregated and recycled.

CRTs/LCDs:  Units are dismantled and recovered for glass and copper. Monitors are disassembled, plastics and metals are segregated and CRTs are sent to a smelter for proper recycling & disposal.)

Hard Drives: Hard drives can either be sanitized using our CHADD solution or the serial numbers are scanned and drives are belt-fed into a security compliant shredder, then smelted for environmental/security compliance.

Precious Metals ~ Non-Ferrous Material: Processed chemically for gold, silver and platinum metal groups, or sent to smelter.

Cable/Wire: Segregated by type, recycled in volume for copper value.

Printed Circuit Boards: Sorted by grade, and processed gold, silver, and platinum metal reclaim.

Wood/Paper: Pallets are recycled or are sold to a local pallet company. Paper is recycled. Cardboard is baled and recycled.