Progressive Content & Records Management

Many organisations still function almost entirely in a “paper-driven” environment. However, as the organisation expands and the volume of work increases, the amount of filing grows which forces organisations to either dispose of documents not considered essential or increase the storage areas used for the filing of these documents. 

Document Management makes it possible for organisations to store their documents in an electronic format which can easily be retrieved for future reference. 

Equipped with security controls, users can be granted different levels of admittance, restricting access to certain documents to authorised users only.

Document Management consists of:

  • Input typically consist of scanning documents into a digital format for subsequent storage and management in the document imaging system. 
  • Indexing (or naming) allows users to identify documents so they can be easily retrieved at a later date. 
  • Storage consists of various components connected to the document management, records management or workflow server. The storage sub-system is accessed by the appropriate server to store and retrieve information managed by the system. 
  • Retrieval consists of the user issuing a request for information that is then processed by the server. The information is retrieved from the appropriate storage media connected to the server.
  • Archival provides the ability to move documents into long-term storage.