Remote Print Management

Vary Technologies utilizes the latest in remote monitoring solutions for our clients. You will have the ability to examine the condition of your networked print devices from the convenience of any Internet enabled computer worldwide.
With RPM you can track each individual device as well as generate detailed reports which you can use to make essential business decisions regarding your equipment.   

Enhanced with hand-held devices, our technicians have the ability to receive service tickets right away and update the ticket’s status in real-time giving you the ability to know at once when and how a problem has been resolved.


  • Effortlessly create service tickets from your P.C.
  • Monitor page counts 
  • View each printer’s service history
  • Monitor toner yields  
  • Break down cost allocation for each printer  
  • Measure the cost of a single document                                                                                                
  • Break down cost allocation for each department               

With RPM, you can take a proactive approach by anticipating toner replacement, the cleaning and rotation of equipment as well as scheduling needed repairs.