Please Print Responsibly SM 

Not only does Varytek strive to be green but we also make every effort to help our clients go green as well by offering many different products and programs that are designed to benefit both their business and the environment.  We are proud that our business gives us the perfect platform to help other companies manage their waste and be a part of protecting our planet for future generations. 

Recycling - Being in the printer/toner business, we are aware that over 80 million toner cartridges end up in landfills each year. As a provider of toner cartridges, we feel that it is our responsibility to help reduce this number. This is why we make every effort to persuade our clients to purchase refurbished printers and recycled toner cartridges. We encourage our customers to recycle their empty cartridges, even providing them with a discount up front on certain items with the agreement that they will return the used casing for recycling. 
We are excited to report that 90% of purchases made with Varytek are of refurbished or recycled products thanks to the encouragement of our staff.  Our free toner recycling program is offered to everyone and for all products, not just our clientele and products. We are happy to recycle empty cartridges no matter where they came from. 

In addition to toner cartridges, we also recycle other office items such as monitors, printers, servers, keyboards, battery backups, hard drives and more. All items are recycled according to all applicable local, state and federal guidelines and standards.

Electronic Document Conversion - Varytek provides free onsite evaluations and assessments for Electronic Document Conversion and Management to help businesses convert records and documents into electronic file, allowing for greater security as well as rapid access to information from any workstation which reduces the need for hard copy files, saving thousands of trees.

U-TURN Green - One of our newer solutions is U-TURN Green, our server-based software that helps businesses to manage the flow of their print output to reduce both paper and toner waste. This solution can be configured to permit monochrome prints over color prints as well as forcing duplex printing on multiple page jobs to reduce paper use by 50%! U-Turn Green also provides digitally created templates which virtually eliminates all waste associated with pre-printed forms due to content changes and damage done to pre-printed, stored forms.