U-Turn Green Paper Saving Software



Paper waste happens in every office.
Paper products are the largest component of the garbage that goes into landfills. 
The average administrator disposes of an estimated 350 pounds of paper per year and there are more than 125 million office workers in the U.S. alone!


U-Turn Green is server-based software that manages the flow of print output, digital information and scanned images to reduce waste. 

  • Automatically creates and stores PDF documents
  • Automatically duplex print output
  • Create a digital image of any print job
  • Track employee printing
  • Automatically distribute digital documents to employees, customers and vendors.
  • Automatically schedule print jobs to run during off-peak times
  • Tracks the delivery of print jobs
  • Split large print jobs across multiple printers
  • Automatically sets print quality to draft mode
  • Re-routes to the most cost-efficient printer
  • Create digital templates